EveryDopeGirl Ambassador

Event Submission Form


1) Upload 3 local events per month

2) Must have 4 weeks of lead time before actual event

3) Be as detailed as possible or you will not receive credit

4) If you do not reach your event quota, please send us a local business that you think that we should hear about!

Ambassador Responsibilities

Attend local outside events on behalf of EveryDopeGirl

  • Submit photos via google doc after attending events

  • Establish relationships with local brands

  • Follow EveryDopeGirl on all social media platforms

  • Execute and attend local EveryDopeGirl events (Commission Based)

  • Serve as the subject matter expert on behalf of EveryDopeGirl

  • Submit 3 local business events per month to the EDG Website 

  1. Must receive 30 days notice prior to event date

  2. Wear EDG Gear to events

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