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About EveryDopeGirl LLC

In March 2018, Raisha Smith, Founder, had a vision and EveryDopeGirl was curated. After our founder's matriculation through College at Texas A&M University and 5 years into her corporate career with a fortune 100 company, she sensed that the world was missing something--A Dope Platform for Everyday women. Not to mention, a woman on a mission willing to help fulfill EveryDopeGirl's vision.

EveryDopeGirl is a community that creates a culture of intentional support amongst female entrepreneurs globally. We showcase amazing women that are making efforts outside of their 9-5 and globally through social impact and entrepreneurship. EveryDopeGirl represents diversity and inclusion within the entrepreneurial space.

Often times, the media focuses on the highlights of so many astonishing celebrities and influencers succeeding- but what about us?-The everyday woman. A space needed to be created to ensure the talents, businesses, services, Products, and everyday hustles of EVERYDOPEGIRL are shown to the world. So far we’ve connected over 6,000 women across the world, we’ve created a shift in how women interact and support each other through philanthropy, networking, and supporting each others businesses and ideas.

Most recently, EDG partnered with Southern Kouture and Ambitiously A on Southern Ambitions Mentoring— a mentorship program that bridges the intergenerational gap between young ladies and working professionals in the South Texas Region. Our hopes are to expand our reach as we grow!

Our Mission: EveryDopeGirl supports #EveryDopeGirl


About Raisha, Founder EveryDopeGirl and EDG Consulting LLC

Raisha Smith was born in Baton Rouge, LA and raised in Houston, TX. She graduated with a BBA in Business Marketing from Texas A&M University-- College Station in 2013 where she broke social norms as an African American woman at a predominately white institution. She currently works for Union Pacific Railroad as Senior Consultant- Energy- where she handles multi-million dollar contracts between UP and various refineries along the Gulf Coast, West Coast, Canada, and Mexico. In her down time she freelances as an Event Consultant for The Savvy Consultants - Houston, TX. Most people refer to her as the "official plug", queen of the board room, connector, and Jill of All Trades, thus the birth of EveryDopeGirl LLC.

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