This Is Hard, But You Can Do It!

By: Raisha Smith

No one told me that putting your vision into action would be so hard. I started EDG in March of 2018, and I’ve found myself (Raisha) trying to figure out HOW TO KEEP UP! I wanted to start a blog to uplift others—which is great right—but who knew it would be this hard! I honestly was not confident enough in myself to realize that people would actually believe in my vision as much as my mom! But we did it, and so can you!

Here are 6 tips that I’d like to share with EveryDopeGirl looking to launch a platform, I wish I had these tips handy when I launched!

1. Your website means everything, do research on the various website platforms so that you don’t waste money (I probably wasted about $200-$300 initially)

2. Make your DBA and LLC a priority

3. Save every receipt. From mileage to random purchases at Hobby Lobby. It’s a tax write off.

4. Put yourself out there, attend networking events. Your product or service won’t market itself initially so you have to make sure you’re constantly representing your brand. I attended a HTX Boss Babes Event in Houston which really helped me to meet new people! Thanks Paulina for DM’in me about this event, Founder of Luca Love Bracelets!

Host networking events and inform those attending that it’s a tax write off.

You didn’t know sis: Check it Out!

5. Instagram is everything. Grow your following so that you gain a market outside of you friends and family. Plus it’s free. Check us out!

6. Utilize free help. 1 person has 24 hours in a day, but 2 interns give you an extra 48 hours!



Raisha Smith