EDG Consulting Services

Press Kits

EDG provides complete promotional material provided to businesses for members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate. Generally completed in 3-5 business days.

Creative Direction

Our job is to maintain a cohesive look and feel for your product launch—be it an advertising campaign, fashion line, or magazine—by ensuring the visuals, messaging and/or interactive and motion designs are on point. A creative director also establishes budgets and timelines and manages client relationships.

Advertisement and Promotion

A solid marketing campaign plan has: Clear, realistic goals which you can be confident of hitting. The best strategy to achieve these goals against your competition. Sufficient details of the tactics and actions needed to translate the strategy into action through the EveryDopeGirl platform.

Event Planning

Organizing facilities and details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material etc.

Web Design

web designer creates the look, layout, and features of a website. The job involves understanding both graphic design and computer programming. ... They work with development teams or managers for keeping the site up-to-date and prioritizing needs, among other tasks.Are you ready to take your business to the next level?