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EDG Turns 1 Event Registration!

Celebrate EveryDopeGirl’s 1st Birthday in Houston, TX! This is a free event for all attendees, we are expecting a LARGE crowd! We are only allowing 300 guest to attend so RSVP today!

EveryDopeGirl is a platform that showcases women from all backgrounds around the world in their dope element—you know the #girlboss that gets the job done from 9-5, while inspiring and uplifting others on the weekend. The goal of this platform is to connect amazing everyday women together through professional development, networking, and philanthropy.

The goals of this event is to curate positivity, inspiration, growth, while building networks and net- worth. The individuals participating will be influencers, business owners, and girl bosses/powerhouse men in and around the Houston area.

View event photos HERE!